The popularity of HGH

In May 2010, the global scientific community has once again been surprised with the results of studies on the effectiveness of human growth hormone and its impact on the productive performance of athletes, published in American Physicians College journal. The survey and scientific analysis were conducted by Garvan Institute of Medical Research (Australia) Sv.Vinsenta hospital in Sydney, and were subsidized by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). The fact that, hgh for sale is available without prescription in some pharmacies, and that’s why it has become so popular among sportsmen.

The conclusion on the results of the analysis, voiced by Dr. Ken Ho, lead author of the study clearly confirmed the significant improvement in athletic performance of athletes after the application of growth hormone, as measured in a sprint (short distance running) and biking.

According to scientists, injections of human growth hormone are able to increase performance of athlete, who finished the last in the 100-meter race at the Olympics in 2008, enough to sprint the first and won a gold medal."

Recall that previously the study of the physiological actions of growth hormone was carried out by many hospitals, but none of them did not notice the effectiveness of growth hormone in sport. This analysis, which has appeared among the most rigorous examination, carried out for 8 weeks in 96 patients - healthy athletes with a mean age of 27 years (63 males, 33 females).

After eight weeks, researchers found that growth hormone improved sprint performance for both men and women by 3.9%. This figure was doubled reaching 8.3% in the group of athletes who received injections of growth hormone and testosterone. However, after 6 weeks have passed since the end of intake medications, athletic performance back to the old data before injection.

But, in sport sphere human growth hormone is popular only after being applying in medical practice. Thus, the effectiveness of hgh for sale and its treatment not only depends on the dose and mode of administration, but also on the status of the patient before therapy. In general, the effectiveness of treatment is higher in young children at slower rate of growth prior to treatment, with a large deficit of growth and more pronounced delay in bone maturation.

The criterion for the effectiveness of treatment with hgh is an increase of the growth rate. In the first year of treatment, it reaches an average of 8-13 cm per year. The maximum growth rate is observed in the 1st year of treatment, especially in the first 3-6 months.

In the treatment of growth hormone is not only marked increase in linear growth, but also some changes in hormonal, metabolic, and mental status of patients.