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How to Handle Unfair Treatment at Work

Many people all over the world actually enjoy going to work on a daily basis. Such people get immense satisfaction by making a positive contribution in their society while also making a decent living. For others, however, going to work is a stressful and dreadful affair. This is because such people face discrimination, sexism, bullying, harassment and other forms of unfair treatment. There are channels you can utilize to end harassment, discrimination and bullying in the workplace. Using these channels will ensure that going to work can be a joy and stress free.

Among the channels that are recommended, one is by going through the human resources department. The department is setup for tackling those sort of cases. You should report the unfair treatment and the name of the perpetrator. The human resources employees are educated on how best to manage such cases and confirm that the harassment ends. Some departments even allow you to make anonymous reports if you fear victimization.

Based on how your organization is, you can take your complaints to the higher ranking officials. In this case, you report the discrimination cases to senior management instead of the human resources department. This is especially when you want to report a high ranking official. If your company has branches, you can also report managers and other senior staff to the regional offices.

In extreme cases, you can go for constructive dismissal. In some countries, constructive dismissal is also called constructive termination or constructive discharge. This provision in law allows an employee to resign from company due to a hostile working environment. When you exercise this option, the company can no longer hold you to the terms of your contract. Additionally, it permits you to sue your employer. Many employers would rather avoid constructive dismissals as they give their companies a negative reputation.

In some situations, the best course of action it to look for alternative employment. In case the mistreatment is coming from the greatest ranking workers, it’s better to take this option. If you have lodged complaints through the right channels and nothing has come of it, it is better to quit the job. That’s because the disadvantages of working in a hostile atmosphere may far outweigh the benefits. This is because hostile working environments can have other impacts of your physical and mental health.

In conclusion, it is better to speak out whenever you face unfair treatment at work. If you do not raise an issue, you may never stop suffering. When you speak out, other people can come up too and together you can make a stronger case. Speaking out is the first step towards improving your work environment for the better.

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