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Best Product Comparison Tools for E-commerce
Due to its’ efficiency in meeting the buyer’s different needs, e-commerce has become a popular way of buying and selling.And an important part of the online buying process is comparison.Making the best choice of a product to buy is made possible by comparison of the products on offer.Initially, comparison of products wasn’t very much efficient with the buyer having to search all around for the hidden compare button.But sites are now making it convenient by providing access to strategically placed compare buttons so that it’s easier for buyers to make a choice. You can actually make it enjoyable for people to shop online for your products if you configure your site in a way that will make comparison easier and more convenient.Given here are approaches to make this work.
The Select and Compare Approach
The process involved the selection of two or more products then clicking the compare button.Having to go through the entire list to select the desired items made this a very tedious exercise. If the site contains many items one could easily forget to mark the desired items, meaning they had to redo the process all over again.Availing the ‘Select to Compare’ button has made the process simpler.This means that you will be directed to a list of similar products by a conspicuous compare button when you click on any item on the site.A pop-up button may also be presented when you click on two or more items to view.
Use of Filters to Make Comparison
Some sites can also incorporate filter options to allow you narrow down your search.This means that products are listed and categorized on their site into various groups having as many similar descriptions as possible.This can be achieved by listing the products and grouping together those with similar descriptions.So once the filter is applied,the product list narrows down to the desired products which can then be easily compared.
Making Customized Comparison Pages
The approach may not work well for retail sites because they have products from different producers, making it difficult to create customized comparison pages.It can only work well for sites that sell products from only one manufacturer.The approach involves creation of customized comparison pages where the buyer can compare the products from the start.The products are then listed and grouped together with regard to similarity of features on the same page.This then, makes it easier and convenient for the buyer since all the information required is provided on the same page.
Application of these ideas by online selling sites has successfully enhanced the experience of shopping for products. You may have to consider adopting any one of these approaches yourself to make it worthwhile for buyers to shop for your products.Doing so will guarantee customer satisfaction and a good profit for your business.

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