Why We Need HGH

Human growth hormone - is a polypeptide, consisting of 191 amino acids. This hormone is secreted by the pituitary in some situations. So, in our body, growth hormone gets when we sleep, training, in stressful situations, and when the brain sends a signal that the blood is not enough sugar.

By itself, the hormone does not act on our body, it just stimulates the liver to insulin growth factors. Namely those substances that are developed by liver and affect our bodies. The problem is that the liver can not produce them in unlimited quantities, often because the body needs this hormone.

So, lets try to make it clear, why do we need HGH.

Growth hormone converts fat into energy, strengthens the cartilage, bone and connective tissue. Periodically, it also happens that athlete, using this hormone, doesn’t see results. There are several reasons for this. First, he took hormone regularly and in small amounts. Growth hormone is very expensive, that’s why, athletes buy and use them in short supply. Second, if your body is using growth hormone, increases the need for insulin, estrogen, gonadotropins and corticosteroids. Many do not know that growth hormone is only effective when taken together with the above hormones.

Children whose body produces insufficient amount of growth hormone, suffer dwarfism, often having impotence, in the event of excess hormone growth other unpleasant disease - gigantism.
It is clear that growth hormone is not necessary for the growth of adult organism. It is responsible for many vital functions for a quicker recovery of torn ligaments, broken bones concretionary, strengthen joints.

The growing deficiency of this hormone with age leads to changes in mind, such as reduction in vitality, increased irritability, weakened by emotional reactions, depression. This list of troubles is related to low levels of growth hormone in the body. It also includes decrease in muscle mass and strength, and the deposition of fat, and dehydration, which has the effect of the loss of skin elasticity. In patients with low growth hormone are fixed problems with cardiovascular system, the incidence of heart disease is much higher.

However, excessive production of endogenous growth hormone in adults, does not lead to anything good - people are suffering from acromegaly (hypertrophied development of the facial and leg bones) associated with impaired sexual function and type 1 diabetes.

The conclusion is obvious: the growth of human growth hormone, as well as its lack, is catastrophic for our body.