Tips for Choosing a Lightweight Steel Roof Frame

Do you need tips on choosing a lightweight steel roof truss? Mild steel as a roof frame forming material has several advantages compared to wood or bamboo. Even though the weight is not too heavy, this frame has strength and violence that is unquestionable. In addition to its easy and fast installation, the price of lightweight steel roof truss also tends to be cheaper.

Along with the increasing market demand, there are more and more factories making lightweight steel roof truss. On the one hand, the choice of material will make it easier for us to choose which products are the most suitable for our needs. But on the other hand, not a few consumers are confused in determining which product is the most appropriate.

Well, here are tips on choosing a lightweight steel roof truss that you should pay attention to!

1. Choose Materials from Leading Manufacturers

In fact there are more than ten manufacturers that make lightweight steel roof truss in the country. Even though they all claim that the product is the best, but you can determine which is really the best through the company’s reputation. As much as possible choose material from reputed manufacturers because the quality of its products has been felt by many people. for example metal roofing company in Pinecrest FL, a well-known company that has been trusted by many people in terms of providing roofing materials for your home. And you can also do a small survey to your closest relatives and friends.

2. Know Material Raw Material

Remember, mild steel is a metal alloy made from a mixture of various kinds of materials. Based on the raw material, there are two types of mild steel, namely galvanize and zincalume. Broadly speaking, mild steel zincalume has better quality compared to galvanized mild steel. This mild steel is composed of 55% aluminum, 43.5% zinc, and 1.5% silicon. We will explain the differences between these two types of mild steel in the next article.

3. Determination of the Distance of Material Horses

The more closely spaced the installation of the roof frame, the stronger the roof that will be formed later. The maximum standard easel distance is 120 cm. Never build a roof easel structure with a distance that exceeds 120 cm because it will cause danger to the occupants of the house. Also pay attention to the distance of the legs that support the structure of the easel (web) because it directly influences its strength. The maximum distance of the web is 150 cm.