The Best Recommended Tips to Prepare an Exam in a Short Time

There is no time. You have less than a day left, at the most two to introduce yourself to take that exam and you did not study anything until now. In this note we will see how to manage that little time to achieve the miracle of approving. Let’s see the best 10 tips to prepare an exam with a short deadline.

  1. Gather information about the exam

To be able to pass under these conditions, it is essential to be clear about what is being taken. We will go to the exam with punctual concepts and not so global, then we need to know what is going to be asked or what kind of exercises we are going to have to solve. I recommend the article about questions to answer before presenting for an exam.

  1. Make a list of fundamental issues

You have to assign priorities for that, it’s best to do a kind of ranking of topics. We will begin to study from the most important one onwards.

  1. Get more time

Where are you from? You can engage in any sort of study activity that you can easily carry out and even you have the notes on the other side as well. Obviously we must also suspend other activities or obligations to give priority to the study during those hours prior to the exam. You can read the related article: Get more time to study.

  1. Study calmly

When preparing an exam in a short time we have to be as relaxed as possible. If we have distractive elements around us then it is going to make us memorize faster, or that we understand the concepts of just reading them. You have to study calmly. In any case, we are already played.

  1. Control the study time of each topic

Maybe when we make the list of fundamental issues, there is an extensive range of possible issues with different depths for each specific case. Then, in such scenario, we can put a time limit to study them. We’ve already seen how to put together a syllabus. And the advantages of dynamic agendas. If they were not doing it during the course, then we must do it now, but in a quicker and summarized way.

  1. Be positive and not despair

We must maintain a positive attitude at all times, avoiding to watch the clock every time, or continuously thinking that we will go wrong.

  1. Abusing the mnemonic rules to memorize

We have already talked about the mnemonic rules. They help us to memorize more easily. Highlighting the first letter of each word of a definition to remember can help us memorize.

  1. Sleep and rest well

Many will think that it is necessary to be revealed, but it is not necessary to be confused because the most important thing is to arrive at the examination as awake as possible. Excessively exhausting and studying is not at all convenient. We must think that we are at a disadvantage because we are not as well prepared as we would like, so we will need our faculties to the maximum in order to eventually decipher something that is not within our knowledge.

  1. Coffee

Preparing a test in a short time is easier with coffee as an inseparable companion. Not to be confused, not to stay awake at night. As we saw in the previous point, you have to rest as much as possible. But the stimulating properties of coffee can help us during the day. As we always say in this space, without making excessive abuse of coffee.

  1. Avoid any stupid cocktail of drugs

Neither vitamins, nor aspirins, nor remedies mixed with energy drinks. We have already seen that these energy drinks are harmful to health. All those are stupid things that are not going to take us anywhere, except to the hospital ward for an overdose. You can read the article on mental doping, for more information.


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