Strengths and Disadvantages of Breast Reconstructive Surgery

Not infrequently women who experience breast cancer are very worried and anxious about the shape of their breasts after treatment. Many women have to undergo breast surgery and eventually lose the shape of their breasts. Now, breast cancer patients can try to undergo breast reconstruction to make the shape of her breasts back. But before deciding, you should first know what are the pros and cons of this action.

What is breast reconstruction?

Breast reconstruction is a medical procedure that aims to improve breast shape after a person has a mastectomy or lumpectomy. Simply put, this action aims to form and make new breasts for breast cancer patients.

Although included in the breast cancer treatment plan, but as a patient you can decide whether you want to do breast reconstruction or not. There are two types of breast reconstruction that you can choose, namely:

  • Reconstruction using implants. This action uses implants made of silicon which will be used as a substitute for breast tissue.
  • Autologous reconstruction, ie new breast tissue is obtained from other body tissues, such as the thigh or stomach.

What are the benefits and risks of breast reconstruction?

Before you decide to form your breasts again, you should first know the advantages and disadvantages of this action.

Benefits of breast reconstruction

-You will feel confident, because the shape of your two breasts is not too different and looks normal.

-You will feel more ‘balanced’ because both breasts have the same shape and weight.

-You can freely use any type of clothes.

Risk of breast reconstruction measures

– Experiencing pain and complications after surgery. Just like operations in general which have risks.

-You need time to recover.

-You will have more surgical wounds.

-The risk of getting an infection.

-This medical action is quite expensive.

-There is no guarantee that the new breast shape will be according to your wishes.

Do I have to do breast reconstruction?

This decision depends on you. you should discuss it first with the medical team that deals with you about the risks of this action. You can also visit NYC breast augmentation to consult about breast problems. In addition, you can also discuss and ask the opinion of the closest people regarding the pros and cons of reconstruction in the breast.

What happens if I don’t do breast reconstruction?

Doing breast reconstruction or not really depends on each individual. If you are more comfortable and choose not to do it, then there is no problem with that. You are not alone, there are many women who feel that reconstruction is in the breast. Some of them reasoned that they did not want to return to the pain of surgery on their breasts.