Possible hgh side effects and ways to prevent them

Nothing in our lives is relieved of the risk. Especially when we talk about diseases and their medical treatment.

Because HGH is produced naturally in the human body, its side effects are rare. Adverse reactions occur mainly in those cases where growth hormone is used at doses higher than those recommended and longer than the specified time. However, clinical studied have noted hgh side effects, among which are: hypoglycemia, acromegaly, enlarged abdomen, tunnel syndrome, pain, problems with the growth of breast tissue in the application of HGH, prostate growth.

If you are under 28 years old, you can take HGH only after consultation with the doctor, who can confirm whether you have a bone growth. Bone growth, when taking HGH is very rare. But if you start taking this medication too early, it can cause disproportionate growth.

If you have had cancer or other malignant neoplasms and tumors (at any age), before use of human growth hormone should consult a doctor and undergo a full examination of the body in order to identify active tumors. Receiving HGH does not cause cancer or tumors, they can create an environment in which existing tumors will grow at an accelerated rate.

Generally speaking, in parallel with the use of Human Growth Hormone you do not have to use any more specific drugs, although they exist.

How to reduce hgh side effects?

Diligently following the instructions from your physician, you will be able to avoid most, if not all, problems, associated with GH replacement therapy. This means that you choose for yourself, the responsible physician, go through medical examination before treatment and regularly go through the re-examination in the course of treatment. Here are some tips, based on the largest study of patients, receiving GH replacement therapy.

1. GH is naturally replaced. This means the use of physiological, not pharmacological daily based doses. Start with a low dose and adjust it, watching for side effects.

2. Keep IGF -1 at a level, consistent with the normal 30 -40 -year-old man. Raise the level of over 350 units - means a self-fulfilling on the challenges, associated with an excess of growth hormone and acromegaly.

3. Keep a balance between all hormones, the level of which decreases with age. Growth hormone in the body doesn’t work in a vacuum. This is the "senior" hormone, acting on sex hormones and DHEA. When we are young, all these hormones work together in harmony in our body.