The results of intake: HGH before and after

What is growth hormone, why is it needed for the muscles , and how to increase the natural production of the hormone level? The truth about the expensive injections, as well as results of therapy of hgh before and after, are presented in this article.

Growth hormone stimulates the growth of muscles, normalizes metabolism ( more protein goes to building muscle, less fat is deposited), improves skin tone, strengthens bones and ligaments and also increases the fat burning process.

The secretion of growth hormone is maximal at the age of 20 and then it decreases at a rate of 15-17% per decade. Many middle-aged people suffer from a lack of the hormone - and without growth hormone is difficult to talk about some serious muscle growth.

Power training increases production of growth hormone - it is an indisputable fact. But it is important that exercise does not exceed 45 minutes or you will begin to produce other hormones (e.g. cortisol), inhibiting the secretion of growth hormone.

Some amino acids (glycine, arginine, glutamine, ornithine  as well as BCAA) increase growth hormone production. Therefore, it is important to consume protein supplements, containing these amino acids before (and better in time) training and at night.

The second important point - 85 % of growth hormone is produced during sleep. If you sleep less than 8 hours per day, or sleep well enough, you reduce the production of this important hormone for muscle growth by yourself.

In addition, starvation significantly reduces the secretion of hormones - if you want to build muscle, you need to eat every 2-3 hours and never be hungry. In addition, there is a need to take "long" proteins (casein) overnight.

Artificially synthesized growth hormone is used to treat children with low birth weight and for people with AIDS. Also this drug is often used by athletes, wanting to build muscle and increase relief.

Many foreign sources has long been disputed (Bloomberg, Steroid Nation) about the efficiency of growth hormone therapy. It is claimed that muscle growth is not more than three pounds, while the risk of side effects is rather high.

One of the most common side effects are edema of tissues and tumors, as well as carpal tunnel syndrome. Furthermore, an increase in muscle tissue when injected drug does not increase the power performance.

Growth hormone levels can be increased naturally (weight training, proper protein nutrition, adequate sleep). Injections and supplements - something extremely controversial and effective, but only if you follow all specialists’ recommendations