What can prevent aging?

HGH as a key anti-aging therapy

Due to the rapid progress of science, the world is transformed before our eyes. Progress in engineering and computer science is staggering: the computers, the Internet, mobile communications. Medical advances (genetic engineering, stem cells, cloning, nanotechnology, artificial organs), which will extend the life of 1.5 - 2 times and then will cancel the process of aging and death of the individual are also close to reality.

HGH and anti aging are one of widely discussed themes today.

Already existing achievements of medicine suggest that modern technology can slow down the aging process and rejuvenate the human body. This was made possible thanks to research, which revealed the essence of the aging process and the creation of bio-active substances, active discouragement of these processes. At the same time, there were developed numerous pharmacological anti-aging agents, which should be released strictly on prescription (e.g, growth hormone injections of hgh pill) and biologically active additives, safe enough and suitable for continuous use in order to rejuvenate the body.

Growth hormone is important for normal growth and development, as well as for the health of tissues and organs. It is produced by the pituitary gland - a small, pea-sized formation at the base of the brain.

Of particular importance is the large decrease in production of growth hormone in the aging process, as studies in animals and humans have shown that this reduction in the secretion of growth hormone plays a key role in age-related changes in hormonal status and the aging of the body. In contrast, growth hormone injections or reactivation of its synthesis are able to turn the biological clock and rejuvenate the body. In this aspect, many scientists believe that aging (similar to menopause, which lends itself to hormone therapy) - it is a somato-pause, a disease, associated with a deficiency in the body of important hormones - growth hormone.

As with other hormones, HGH levels often decline with age, but this is not a normal process of aging. At least one epidemiological study suggests that people with naturally high levels of growth hormone tend to die at a younger age than people with lower levels of this hormone. The scientists also studied animals with genetic disorders, which inhibits the secretion of growth hormone. They found that a decrease in the secretion of growth hormone promoted longevity of the tested animals.

Nonprescription dietary supplements, known as human growth hormone, now are positioned as a low cost alternative to HGH injections.