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Granite And Marble Stones: A Great Way To Give Your Home A Perfect Touch

Modernizing kitchen countertops with precious stones is what is trending the most these days. These stones are long-lasting, heat resistant, luxurious and outstandingly beautiful and are a reasonable addition to your home. But with the varied types of both the engineered and natural stones, picking the right stones that complement your kitchen can be a tough undertaking. You may decide to find out more about these rocks, but after all, you will see that each one has their benefits and disadvantages. It would be crucial, therefore, to assess which stone is right for your needs.

Granite and marble are the most sought-after natural stones among the builders and homeowners. Granite and marble are both credible and resilient when used in kitchen countertops.

Granite and marble are the best when used in kitchen countertops, because of their durability and heat-resistance qualities. Granite countertops and marble countertops are said to be the most durable material among the other natural stones. Therefore, most property owners and builders would decide to use granite and marble since they are more durable than the rest.

Granite is a typical igneous rock that forms spectacular crystalline textures. Because it is a hard stone; granite would be preferable for kitchen countertops and bathroom floors as well since it is both heat and scratch resistant.

Granite is formed by intense heat and high pressure for over hundreds of years, so no two pieces of this natural stone are ever going to be alike. This remarkable property is what drives homeowners to get what they desire. Granite countertops exist in many forms of naturally occurring designs and colors, ranging from neutral deep blue or green. This kind of natural countertops perfectly elevates the value of your home, perhaps more than engineered stones such as quartz would do, as sellers would usually claim.

Notwithstanding the prestigious status the granite countertops do have; there are still some demerits associated with it. First of all, granite is a quite porous stone, promptly requiring you to chemically sealed the pores to contain stain infiltration. Fortunately, the sealing process is simple, only that you will be doing it routinely as a way of maintaining your countertop. Secondly, granite tends to be an expensive material.

Marble can be one other superior material for your kitchen countertops. This unique appearance of marble on your home can raise the value of home since it is mostly considered prestigious and sophisticated material. In addition to the prestige, marble countertops can be used as a surface for baking pie crusts, pastries, and other products. Marble countertops come with diverse color patterns, from faint blue to dense black.

Nevertheless, marble countertops, because of its delicate nature, are easily scratched and thus losing its beauty. On top of that, marble can easily get etched by the acids.

With that in mind, with different styles, colors, and designs, both granite and marble countertops can offer homeowners and builders opportunities to enjoy the elegance of their home that they have always dreamt of.

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