5 Main Causes of Road Accidents

Road accidents that caused injuries and deaths from the time the number did not recede. Based on data presented by the United Nations in 2009, no less than 1.2 million people floated on the highway due to motor vehicle accidents.

The universal nation association organization also mentions, around 87.2 percent of the accidents occur in developing countries. Data that is not much different is also offered by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

Throughout 2009, 21,798 people died from traffic accidents on highways in the United States. The biggest causes of accidents vary, from drinking alcoholic drinks, weather, car component problems, and calling while driving.

So what is the way out when you experience a traffic accident? the answer is a lawyer. Sandusky car accident lawyer, is one company that is engaged in traffic accidents. They can handle many traffic accident problems. Some of them are car collisions, pedestrian collisions, Tractor trailer collisions, and motorcycle accidents. Unfortunately, until this moment there has not been one specific study on the cause. In fact, the number of accidents continues.

Here are some of the causes of traffic accidents:

1. The Driver Loses Concentration

This factor ranks first, because the results of the study say this factor has a percentage of causing accidents by 55 percent.

Drivers don’t focus on road conditions when they call or receive calls while driving. Other causes, because the driver reads documents, reads short messages, sees events around the road for a long time, arranges audio devices.

In addition, stress due to personal problems, panic due to the actions of other motorists, to hurry because there are important issues that must be resolved as well as the cause of the dissolution of concentration on the road.

2. Tired and Sleepy

The second cause of an accident is fatigue and sleepiness. Both have a percentage causing accidents of up to 45 percent.

Mentioned, sensory and motor nerves of people who are very tired and sleepy decrease their sensitivity. So that, besides causing no concentration of fatigue and drowsiness also causes a person’s reflex level to decrease.

The condition of a tired and sleepy body bears a resemblance to people who drink alcohol or drugs. The difference is that people who are fatigued still have an awareness that at times is still controlled and stimulated to return to full awareness.

3. Effect of Alcohol and Drugs

Drunk conditions caused by alcoholic beverages or drugs have a percentage rate of causing accidents of up to 30 percent.

Drinking alcohol or taking drugs (or even drugs recommended by a doctor) has the potential to eliminate brain control. So that in addition to loss or loss of consciousness, the reflex ability also drops dramatically.

Drunk drivers tend to lose the ability to take into account maneuvers, sensitivity to feel the speed of the car, to inaccurate views.

4. Speed ​​Exceeds the Limit

Another factor that is also often the cause of accidents is the driver menggeber car with speeds that exceed the standards allowed on the road. Drivers will have difficulty maneuvering safely when road conditions are not possible.

Especially if the car has a problem, such as a broken tire or one of the components damaged. Although the car manufacturer says it has equipped its production car with a multitude of safety support devices, never speculate.

Because the condition is assumed when the road is in ideal conditions. In addition, unexpected conditions and experienced by the driver are also different when the car was first tested by the manufacturer.

This speed factor has a percentage of causing accidents of up to 30 percent. This speed factor also includes the behavior of drivers who are aggressive in driving their vehicles.

Don’t push the car at high speed and ignore traffic signs or signs.

5. Weather

Although it looks trivial, but the weather is heavy rain, hurricane, foggy, dry air that causes dusty roads are also recorded as the cause of the accident. The percentage reaches 13 percent.

Rainfall in addition to causing limited vision also makes the tire’s ability to grip the track also reduce. Especially if the vehicle that is in front or behind does not have high alert or problematic. Weather factors such as rain have a high level of potential to trigger accidents